Available from Gumroad and Kontakt Hub

*Please Note: All libraries requires Kontakt 5.3.1 or later (Full Version) WAVs can be used independent of Kontakt


Morphzilla V2

Morphzilla is a dual layer morphing tool, created in Kontakt with near infinite sound creation capabilities which blur the boundaries between music and sound design. Mixing organic and non organic sounds, Morphzilla includes ghostly atmospheres, nasty impacts, monstrous drones, beautiful textured soundscapes, microscopic glitches and more. Morphing between music and sound design, it’s dark, twisted and nasty but also uniquely beautiful too.


Woods 2

Woods 2 is a micro Kontakt library which includes a collection of small, medium and large trees, all including background woodland sounds - crunching leaves, birds singing and children playing with natural outside space reverb. Samples of snapped, rotten trunks and branches tapped and wacked to create clangs, crunches and scrapes. 277 audio files/24bit recordings, 8 instrument patches. Morph using Warp, Haze and Crunch parameters, mini sequencer,  ADSR, reverb and delay effects.


VL1 & Stylophoney

The custom VL-1. Casio’s first instrument in the VL-Tone line. It featured synth, sequencer and calculator. Includes speed, drive and warmth controls to subtly edit the samples.  

*Includes ADSR programmed patches* Little blippy lo-fi synth sounds created by typing in many sequences of eight digit numbers used to programme this little beast.

No ordinary collection of Stylophone samples. This micro library is messed up and wonky. 62 dusty, static wav files, 13 Kontakt patches. Pads, Glitchy kits, Sound FX, Bass, sampled from a dusty old 1970’s Stylophone. Looped patches, one shots and odd glitches chopped up and made into glitch kits.